6 Benefits of Liquid Vitamins

Liquid Vitamins

Introduction to Benefits of Liquid Vitamins

The body can take in vitamins and minerals in a number of ways. They first get into our bodies when we eat. We can also take vitamin supplements to get more of the necessary vitamins and minerals. One of the most common ways to take medicine is in liquid form. Do the benefits of liquid vitamins far outweigh any problems they might have? Find out by reading on.

Better or Easier Absorption for Kids

Even though liquid vitamins might not taste as good as vitamins that come in chewable, flavored tablets, they are easier to absorb. There are many times when children have trouble breathing, choking, or swallowing because they can’t absorb vitamins or medicine in this way.

This is also a problem for adults who can’t move their jaws or can’t digest anything that isn’t liquid.

Liquid Vitamins are More Effective

Because liquid vitamins are in a liquid form, they can be absorbed right into the bloodstream. This way, the vitamin can be given to the body as a whole, and the average absorption rate is between 90 and 98%. It is also three to five times more concentrated than vitamin pills, which makes it more bioactive and gives it more therapeutic benefits.

How Antioxidants and Liquid Vitamins Work Together

Have you ever wondered if liquid vitamins also came with oxidants? Antioxidants include vitamins E, C, and A, which are often found in vitamin supplements. What about liquid vitamins, though?

And the clear answer is YES. Antioxidants must be present in liquid vitamins, or they won’t work as well as other vitamins. Remember that our bodies can’t make Vitamins A, C, and E, which are some of the most important antioxidants, so we have to eat them every day. Antioxidants are the main way we protect ourselves from the harmful effects of oxidation reactions. Antioxidants are the best thing we can do to keep from getting any kind of cancer. We would be weaker and less healthy without it.

Liquid Vitamins versus Digestive Acids

People don’t believe in the benefits of liquid vitamins because they think that digestive acids will destroy any vitamins or minerals that they don’t recognize as part of the digestion process. In fact, it’s the other way around. Our digestive system is better able to absorb vitamins and minerals that come in liquid form than those that come in pill or capsule form.

Before a vitamin pill or tablet can help the body, it must be digested. It must be broken down into nutrients that the body can use, or only up to 30% of it will be absorbed. But liquid vitamins are better for the digestive system and easier to take. Because it doesn’t depend on mechanical digestion in any way, the body can absorb about 90% of it directly.

It’s important to remember that digestion doesn’t mostly break down vitamins and minerals. Instead, it changes them into things the body can use to improve its overall structure.

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Liquid Vitamins: Toxic or Not?

The amount of colloidal minerals in liquid vitamins is also a problem. Do they hurt, or don’t they?

Liquid Vitamins

In fact, even plants and fruits have a small amount of these minerals. Aluminum, one of the most common elements on Earth’s surface, is found in apples between 3 and 5 mg. But do you ever hear anyone say eating apples harm your health? On the other hand, we tend to hear that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

So, it must be the same with liquid vitamins. Just because something has a small amount of colloidal minerals in it doesn’t mean it’s immediately bad for our health. Colloidal minerals are things that happen naturally and can’t be avoided because of this.

You Can Choose

Ultimately, though, it’s still up to you if you want to take liquid or solid vitamin supplements. What matters most is what you like and what will work best for you in the long run.


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